Am 25. August 2006 feierten wir ein großes Kinderfest zum Abschied der Bibby Altona. Der Film dokumentiert die Arbeit der ersten zehn Jahre und gibt einen kleinen Einblick in das Leben auf den Schiffen. Wir haben ihn wieder entdeckt als wir hörten, dass in Hamburg wieder über neue “Wohnschiffe” für Geflüchtete nachgedacht wird.


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  • Flats in Athens Two small ‚Islands of Welcome‘ W2EU

    Welcome to Europe: Flats in Athens
    Two small ‚Islands of Welcome‘

    For most refugees, Greece is still the gateway to Europe. It’s a transit location, a place of hope for a better life and at the same time the place where the border regime has relocated – a regime that ignores human rights and uses degrading practices of imprisonment and poverty for its selection process. Only the fittest are allowed to arrive.

    For over a year, the „Infomobile“ has been touring Greece, as a connection between the different places which refugees pass through on their way to various European countries. Again and again, we meet people who are in need of a place where they can have a rest from the duress of their journey.
    The accommodation situation for refugees in Greece is a disaster. The few places that exist are reserved for people who apply for asylum, and are not even sufficient for those. Therefore we want to rent one, later two apartments in Athens in which people can stay for a short while.

    The ‚Infomobile‘ maintains contact with refugees in various places in Greece and is constantly looking for accommodation for especially severe cases.

    The web guide Welcome To Europe provides connections to European destinations and enables establishing and maintaining contacts.

    Who uses the flat?

    • Refugees who desperately need temporary accommodation but can’t get one of the rare official places
    • People who are severely traumatised from flight and persecution and need to be stabilised.
    • Refugees waiting to be reunited with relatives in other European countries. A process which takes time and during which there is no accommodation provided.

    The long term plan is to have two flats to be able to accommodate men and women at the same time.

    Who looks after the flat

    The flats are part of a network:
    People who have a background of migration themselves and are experienced in organising (for the hunger strike of the 300) will look after the flats.

    Monthly cost of each flat

    250 Euros rent and operating expenses
    50 Euros repairs and purchases
    100 Euros reimbursement for care takers and custodians

    40 x 10 Euros per month
    40 partners pay 10 Euros per month (we will be able to provide tax receipts). In return, you become part of a network which says
    ‚welcome‘. Once a year, you will receive a report, not only about the flats but also about the activities of  the ‚Infomobile‘ and and Welcome To Europe in Greece.

    How does it work?

    You set up an automatic payment of 10 Euros per month (or more, if you wish) to the following account:
    [Account details]

    Account Name: Wohnschiffprojekt Altona e.V.
    Account Number: 1257122737
    Reference: Willkommensinsel

    Bank Name: Hamburger Sparkasse
    German Bank Code: 200 505 50

    For international transfers:
    IBAN: DE06 2005 0550 1257 1227 37

    In order for us to keep track of the payments, and for you to get a receipt and receive the annual report, please send an email to the following address
    welcome2eu.island (a)

    Many of these islands will be requried all over Europe in order to counter the process of selection and disenfranchisement with solidarity and hospitality. The Athens flats are the beginning of a journey.

    Build 2, 3, many ‚Islands of Welcome‘.